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Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 12:53:39 EST

    RajKumar> hello all, i have some confusion regarding the ZWJ ZWNJ and
    RajKumar> their use wrt malayalam.

    RajKumar> 1. as far as i know half consonents are absent in malayalam. so
    RajKumar> what is the effect of a ZWJ in between two consonents. insted of
    RajKumar> the half forms we normally use the virama between two consonents
    RajKumar> that do not have a seperate glyph, and this can be done by using
    RajKumar> the ZWNJ

    RajKumar> 2. In malayalam their can be two equally valid ways of
    RajKumar> representing the glyphs of some consonent conbination. like
    RajKumar> CA+CA. is their any way of identifying the exact glyph form.

As far as I know, Malayalam should work much as Devanagari does. The virama
inhibits the vowel, and a following ZWJ or another consonant will cause it to
take half-consonant form.

But in cases where you have Consonant+Virama+Consonant, *before* selecting the
half-consonant form, the rendering code is responsible for determining if this
pair (or group in some cases) of consonants should be combined to form a
vertical conjunct or ligature.

There is no "standard" way of determining which glyph to use. It is entirely
dependent on what glyphs are available in the font and how much the rendering
code knows about the glyphs in the font.
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