Re: Official ISO 3166 country codes online

Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 02:06:46 EST

       Michael E wrote:
>There is no user requirement for unique codes for all of the
       world's Sign Languages. The users are satisfied with "sgn" with

       That depends upon how you define "user requirement". I note
       that the document containing the proposed ISO 639-2 code (http:
       // gave a
       list of languages each of which had a unique SIL language ID.
       There are a set of users - in particular, researchers and
       international organisations such as UNESCO - that depend upon
       the SIL language codes precisely because they give a unique ID
       to each distinct language. Granted, these users are users of
       information and are distinct from the users of the language.
       But, after all, we are talking here about tagging information.

       (Note that these comments are applicable to any languages, not
       just signed languages. It is purely coincidence that they arose
       within the context of signed languages.)

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