Re: Official ISO 3166 country codes online

Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 01:48:23 EST

>>> Recently we have requested the ISO 639-2 RA to add a single
       3-letter code >> for Sign Languages (deaf and otherwise). This
       single code can be combined >> with ISO 3166-1 country codes
       and ISO 3166-2 subdivision codes usefully.
>>And it unnecessarily distinguish same Sign Languages in
       different countries.

>It does _not_. Sorry, but you are dead wrong. Sign Languages
       _are_ different in different countries; and some countries have
       more than one.

       And the fact that some countries have more than one suggests to
       me that combining a single 3-letter code for Sign Languages
       with a country code ismisguided.

       We all know that languages generally correlate very little with
       national boundaries. Admitedly, there are many cases where
       there a clear tendencies, but it doesn't take much to discover
       that those tendencies are very limited. Ultimately, if you want
       to distinguish languages, then you need a system of language
       tags that supports thousands of distinctions - 3 letter (26 ^
       3) is sufficient - and not a muddled combination of language
       IDs and country IDs. (That combination should give a *locale*
       ID, which has valid uses, but has limited usefulness for
       distinguishing languages.)


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