Re: Multilingual Documents [was: HTML forms and UTF-8]

From: Christopher John Fynn (
Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 06:27:45 EST

Of course UTF-8 is not a language but the only way of configuring IE5
to request a particular encoding from sites which serve multiple versions
of page seems to be by setting preferred language(s). The user can choose
the encoding used to read the page once you have received it if IE5 gets
it wrong.

My point was simply that a site serving different encoded versions of
a page is unlikely to get requests for UTF-8 as long as most client
browsers cannot even be set to request UTF-8 by preference and that
even new browsers don't always have this option.

- Chris

Jonathan Rosenne wrote:

> UTF-8 is not a language.
> Jony

> At 16:42 02/12/99 -0800, Christopher John Fynn wrote:

> >It's not even just old browsers - IE 5 has a large range of languages you
> >can set in order of preference for requesting content but it has no
>> for UTF-8 so it is never going to request it - even though it can display
>> UTF-8 text correctly for many languages and scripts.
> >
> >- Chris
> >

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