Re: unicode and malayalam

From: RajKumar (
Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 06:36:11 EST

some background info: the original old malayalam script was a very complex
script due to the difference in the way it got spoken and written in the
3 parts of modern kerala the malabar, travancore and cochin. so the govt.
reformed the script in 1973 and that script is being thought in the
schools but some of the old script is being written in the news papers
magaziens etc since it is better looking (according to some - mostly old
people and writers) and it saves space when printed. and this will not
change in near future.

but my main problem is that (i am into developing an omega system for
malayalam) i cannot discard any old glyph since this system might be
needed to code some ancient text which are very particular
about the particular glyphs being used. and since unicode is being used
for the archival and xml this is very important.

> I know no Malayalam. If the font has two different glyphs for a
> combination of two (or more) consonants, and the data preceding (or
> following?) them provide a cue to which was prefererable in that context

in the the CA+CA problem their are no contextual clues both are equally
valid but let me also check with some linguist.


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