Re: Traditional/Simplified Unification [was: Official ISO 3166 ...]

From: John Jenkins (
Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 10:35:06 EST

on 12/2/99 11:40 PM, Glen Perkins at wrote:

> What about more obscure characters, though? For example, say a given rare
> character contains a radical that has been simplified, so it would have a
> simplified form if ever anybody decided to write it in a "simplified
> context". If that character were to be added to Unicode/10646 as a result of
> IRG research, without going thru any Chinese national standard first, would
> both the simplified and traditional forms be added as separate codepoints,
> or would they be unified?

The answer is only the traditional form would be added, but this is because
no simplified form exists. I think it would generally be considered
improper to write the character using the simplified and not the traditional
form of the radical -- but OTOH I really doubt that anybody would notice if
you did. Good question, tho'.

John H. Jenkins

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