Re: Support for Multilingual Documents

Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 12:47:03 EST

       Addison wrote:
>My understanding is that this won't happen for obvious
       reasons: most users don't need it and don't want to buy a
       larger hard disk (I'm happy that they will be installable by
       people like myself who would like to type the occasional
       Japanese without rebooting, though).

       This doesn't make sense to me. Most users don't need it, but on
       the odd occasion when they open a document containing text in
       another script, they really don't like seeing gibberish. And
       disk space? We're not talking about a lot of space to add at
       list rendering support. A *lot* more space on their drives is
       going to be taken up by other functionality in the OS and/or
       apps that will have a far greater impact on their need to buy
       new drives than will this. Certainly disk space is a non-issue.


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