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Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 05:56:05 EST

Am 1999-12-07 um 19:45 h hat Corey Miller geschrieben:
> I thought Cornish was extinct since the 1700s! How can we know the

Am 1999-12-09 um 2:17 h hat geschrieben:
> I believe (but am far to be sure) that the last Cornish mother-tongue
> speaker died at the beginning of this century.

<> says:
  CORNISH [CRN] 150 fluent speakers (1990 Wall Street Journal).
  A few thousand have studied it.[...]
  It became extinct as a first language in 1777.
  It is now being revived. Church services are still held in Cornish.
  There are evening classes, correspondence courses, summer camps,
  children's play groups. It is taught in some schools. [...]
  All speakers are fluent in English. [...]
  Second language only. No mother tongue speakers.

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