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       If you read the intro to the Ethnologue, you will find that the
       data is acknowldeged of uneven validity. Every attempt is made
       to document the information, and entries give some indication
       of both the sources of information and what level of confidence
       the editors have in the data. For most languages, the
       Ethnologue represents the best or often the only source of
       information that is readily accessible, though Marion is right
       in saying that it's always good to look for other supporting
       information if the details matter.

       If anyone is aware of information in the Ethnologue that is
       inaccurate or incomplete, they are gladly invited to submit
       comments and updates:


       The information is not complete or perfect; but if we waited
       until it were we would never publish. As far as we know, it is
       the most complete and accurate large scale collection of
       information of its kind available. This edition contains tens
       of thousands of changes from the previous one. A new edition is
       planned for publication approximately every four years. Readers
       are encouraged to submit corrections and additions (see
       questionnaires in the appendices) to:

       Editor, Ethnologue
       International Linguistics Center
       7500 West Camp Wisdom Road
       Dallas, Texas 75236, U.S.A.

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       See also


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       I should _not _advise trusting any material cited by Ethnologue
       (SIL), without checking elsewhere. Cornish speakers may be few,
       but their children are growing up now, with Cornish as their
       mother tongue, as surely as Hebrew speakers are in Israel.

       Arsa Otto Stolz:

> <> says:
> CORNISH [CRN] 150 fluent speakers (1990 Wall Street
> A few thousand have studied it... No mother tongue speakers

       Marion Gunn
       Everson Gunn Teoranta <>

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