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Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 08:37:07 EST

       U+028C is the unrounded-lip counterpart to U+0254, which might
       be what Michael is looking for. If the vowel quality is
       actually more open than that, then

       U+028C U+031E U+02D0 (unrounded)


       U+0254 U+031E U+02D0 (unrounded)

       are what's needed.

       Phonetics has never been within my realm of expertise, and I've
       never heard a syllable of Cornish, so I can't tell you what's

       Another option that I think is used is to show a vowel
       quadrilateral with dots indicating the specific point for the
       given phone, label the point with whatever standard symbol is
       closest to that point, and then use that symbol in whatever
       transcription follows.


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       I vote for U+028C (LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED V), that is the
       "u" in "sun" in standard British pronunciation.

       (Add U+02D0 if you want it to be a long vowel, although a long
       U+028C does not exist in English).

       Ciao. Marco

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> [U+0251U+02D0] is used to indicate the long a as in father.
> [U+0254U+02D0] is used to indicate the long aw as in law.
> How, exactly, do I represent a vowel midway between the two?
       It must be a > diacritic of some sort, probably on U+0251....
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