Re: symbols used in charts, list

Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 08:00:14 EST


>They are *glyphs*, not characters.

       OK, let me rephrase the question and clarify where my mind was

       I want to be able to create charts for use in our font
       development. At times, I'll want to display a glyph which is an
       over-striking diacritic; at times, I'll want to prepare a name
       list with glyphs shown, and I'll need to indicate that certain
       codepoints are undefined/reserved. So, I'm thinking that I'll
       create a font that contains the two glyphs in question. For
       convenience, I might even include these glyphs in the actual
       fonts that we plan to deliver to our users. That leads,
       however, to the question of how from the cmap those glyphs
       should be mapped.

       From your response, Ken, I can think of three possible

       1. The two glyphs in question are acceptable representations
       for U+25CC and U+25A7, so I could chose to use those

       2. There are not characters defined for the entities I'm
       looking for, and I should use two PUA codepoints.

       3. These glyphs should be treated as symbols; therefore, they
       should only be included in a symbol font.

       Which of these seems best, or is there a better alternative
       conclusion that I haven't thought of?


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