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Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 10:22:10 EST

Cornish did die out, that is, the transmission of Cornish as a first
native language was completely broken, but, by that time there
were a number of people, similar to what happened on the Isle of
Man, who had become fluent second language speakers by
learning it from the last native speakers. The situation today is that
there are about 3000 people able to speak it fluently, but only
about 1000 of these use it as their everyday language. Concerning
transmission as a first language, there are a number of people under
20 who now speak Cornish as their first language.
The revival of Cornish started basically when the last native
speakers were dying and is now well on it's way. Don't believe
everything the Wall Street Journal says.
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Mighal acmar Měcheal Mac an Tuathanaich acmar Michael Bauer

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