Re: NSM character type in Bidi algorithm

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 15:19:11 EST

> Wouldn't that be a little bit odd to have the Thai vowel
> "x" displayed on top of the arabic consonant "B" ?

Yes, of course it is "odd", because it mixes writing systems. However, the
standard does not legislate the semantic correctness or meaningfulness of
string contents, only the ordering and display semantics, given some
juxtaposition of characters. If the data stream has an Arabic letter
followed by a Thai vowel sign, then a correct and full implementation that
claims it can render "anything" would assume that the string is exactly what
the user wanted -- it should correctly put the Thai sign over the Arabic
letter. There are some choices of what to do, obviously, if you have
limitations in your rendering implementation. But it would be correct to put
the vowel Thai vowel sign over the letter in this case.


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