Re: EA width, Latin punctuation and fonts

Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 14:10:58 EST


       I forgot to also ask about the following:

       A. There is a vertically-centered "fat period" used in (at
       least some) Chinese documents, and we've been asked to include
       this as well. I'm not at all sure what the function of this
       punctuation is, but I'm assuming that some of you that work
       with Chinese must know what I'm referring to. How should that
       be encoded? U+00B7?

       B. They also need a vertically-centered ellipsis character. Is
       this like the fullwidth punctuation characters in the sense
       that it should be considered a presentation form and encoded
       using the regular codepoint for the regular Latin punctuation
       character (U+2026 HORIZONTAL ELLIPSIS), or can I use U+22EF (at
       least as an interim solution if they need two styles of
       ellipsis glyph, one for Latin and one for Yi)? Is there some
       other preferred encoding for this?


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