Re: Changes to my ISIRI-3342 tables

From: Roozbeh Pournader (
Date: Fri Dec 10 1999 - 15:13:55 EST

I'm sorry my last message got out incomplete.

On Fri, 10 Dec 1999, Mark Leisher wrote:

> A. Does 3342 recognize the range 0x00-0x1F,0x7F as ASCII control characters?

It only tells that "The extension of ASCII code is done as specified in
the ISO 2022:1986 standard". I think this means the recognition. There is
also an informative appendix mentioning C0, and G0, so they are

Based on my experience, the users only use the 0x00--0x1F controls and not
the upper controls part of the standard. This was the reason that at
first, I did not note that they are described like C0 controls in

> B. 3342 has what look like an extra set of control characters between
> 0x80-0x9F. Are these the same as the control characters in
> 0x00-0x1F,0x7F?

The character description part of the standard starts with describing the
characters I know as ASCII controls (SOH, STX, ...) with the same meaning
I know for ASCII controls, but assigning those the codes 0x81, 0x82, etc.

The informative appendix also has a figure which shows the 8-bit space,
with C0, G0, C1, and G1 parts separated. But again, there is a small
description in the figure, pointing to the C1 part, reading "not related
to our discussion"!

> If 0x80-0x9F,0xFF are interpreted the same as 0x00-0x1F,0x7F, then the
> mappings should be added to your table.

The standard does not mention explicitly that the usage is the same.
But it really describes SOH, STX, ... when describing its 0x81, 0x82, ...

> If 0x80-0x9F,0xFF are interpreted in a special way for Persian, different
> from 0x00-0x1F,0x7F, then one possibility is to use the Private Use Area.

I don't see any special treatment mentioned in the standard. They are
defined like normal C0 controls I know. For example this is the definition
for DEL (0xFF) which I did not see in the standard in previous studies.

  "3.6.6 DEL
   DEL (DELETE) is a character used for deleting or erasing a wrong or
   unwanted character."

This is all that is mentioned about the character. FYI, section 3 is named
"Control Characters" and subsection 3.6 is named "Special Control
Characters". But the code for the character (0xFF) is only specified in a
Table 6, located at the end of section 3.6, which tells about
Position (F/F), Persian name (U+062D U+0630 U+0641), and its short name
(DEL). Eight other characters are also in this table, which are NUL, BEL,


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