Re: EA width, Latin punctuation and fonts

Date: Fri Dec 10 1999 - 14:40:54 EST

       PC>>A. There is a vertically-centered "fat period" used in (at
>>least some) Chinese documents, and we've been asked to
>>this as well. I'm not at all sure what the function of this
>>punctuation is, but I'm assuming that some of you that work
>>with Chinese must know what I'm referring to.

       MC>It is used as a separator between names and surnames of
       foreign people transliterated in ideographs (or in katakana, in
       I think I also have seen it used as a separator for the single
       words in transliterated foreign place names.

       Thanks for the info, Marco. Now, can anybody tell me what the
       preferred encoding of this thing is?


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