Re: EA width, Latin punctuation and fonts

Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 09:46:00 EST

       Thanks, Chris & Marco, for the feedback. Marco is right that
       I've got both the centered ring and the centered dot to deal
       with. The former is clearly U+3002, which Chris referred to.
       The latter, and it's distinctness from the former, is clearly
       shown at the links Marco provided. Thanks!

       I noticed in some of the character set tables in Ken Lunde's
       book (CJKV Information Processing) a character that appear to
       be what I was referring to; e.g. in the table for GB2312-80,
       row 01 shows the ideographic space at cell 03 and the centered
       dot at cell 04. If I understand how the encodings work, these
       correspond to 0x2123 and 0x2124, which Marco discussed.

       Now, I've got to decide on the mapping to Unicode. As Marco
       mentioned (thanks for looking this up) the mapping table at the
       Unicode ftp site gives:

       0x2124 0x30FB # KATAKANA MIDDLE DOT

       which is what Ken Whistler gave as the mapping a few days ago.
       But then Marco has discovered that MS has used a different
       mapping to U+00B7.

       Chris, Michel, Avery or anyone else at Microsoft: Do you know
       why MS software uses a different mapping?

       At any rate, the info Marco has given me on this centered dot
       sounds the most convincing to me, a novice trying to weigh the
       different information available. Thanks again.


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