Cantillation marks (teanim)

From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Tue Dec 14 1999 - 23:48:59 EST

A few questions about Hebrew cantillation marks (téanim):

    1) One of my sources lists as a separate cantillation mark a « sof
pasouq » looking like this ׃ֽ ( colon and a subscript bar), Unicode uses
SOF PASUQ U+05C3 for the colon ׃ . Any explanation ? The source is reputable
: « Dictionnaire encyclopédique du Judaïsme », which is available in English
under the title « The Encyclopedia of Judaism », edited by G. Wigoder.

    2) Another source gives the name GALGAL to a sign that, as far as I can
see, is identical to YERAH BEN YOMO, U+05AA. Could it be a synonym ?

    3) The same Encyclopedia of Judaism lists two teanim that I do not seem
to be able to find in the standard:

        i) Teré Qadmin in the Sefardi tradition (a kind of Pashta but
straight or doubled : ` or ``), in the Yemeni tradition this is apparently
called a Teren Fishtin.

        ii) Azla (in the Ashkenazi tradition) this looks like a reversed
GERESH U+059C, i.e. the Azla is pointing towards the right.

        Have I missed them in the Standard ? Are they synonymous to other
cantillation marks ? Should they be in the standard ?

Any help ?

P. Andries

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