Re: Where to Add new Currency Sign?

From: Mark E. Davis (
Date: Mon Dec 20 1999 - 10:12:45 EST

If you want to do what you are talking about, the only place for you to put the
characters is in the Private Use Zone, such as at E000-E002.

"N.R.Liwal" wrote:

> Hi;
> I am developing a Unicode base font for Windows 2k, the font have Glyps for
> 4 Languages i.e. Pashto, Farsi, Urdu and Arabic, apart from Arabic Pashto
> is National Language of Afghanistan, Urdu of Pakistan and Farsi of Iran and
> each of these three countries have their own currencies and I want to
> Provide
> each one with a Currency Symbol. I looked in Unicode Ver 2.0 Book
> and it says that the range is 20a0-20ab their are total of 47 code points.
> Just a few of the World Curency are assigned there and my question is
> which Code Point should I use for the above 3 Countries?
> Are 47 Code points are sufficent for the world curruncies?
> or their is another way that I do not know.
> Liwal

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