Re: Where to Add new Currency Sign?

Date: Mon Dec 20 1999 - 15:20:12 EST

That's what I get for not looking up the reference and doing it by
memory... the reference to which is ISO 4217, btw...

AP ;-}

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Addison P. Phillips wrote:


> Also, for cross-locale (Enterprise) systems, it is becoming more common
> use the ISO three letter acronym for the currency (so that that same
> can be used in reports) like this:
> 1,000.00 USD -- US dollar
> 1,000.00 FFR -- French Franc
> 1,000.00 DDM -- Deutsch Mark
> 1,000.00 EUR -- Euro

You meant:

  1,000.00 USD -- US dollar
  1,000.00 FRF -- French Franc
  1,000.00 DEM -- Deutsche Mark
  1,000.00 EUR -- Euro

[I've changed "FFR" TO "FRF" and "DDM" TO "DEM"]


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