Re: ISSHAR U+09FA & U+0B70

From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Mon Dec 20 1999 - 22:42:35 EST

Some time ago, I asked how to write isshar (character n°
U+09FA) in Bengali (in an attempt to its proper
transcription and then its use).

Results thus far : this is apparently the approximate
pronounciation of iis'vara (eeshvara, îçvara) (Lord, God) in
If this is true the spelling of the word could be U+0988
U+09B6 U+09AC U+09B0 (no conjunct).
This word is actually pronounced "eeshshor" in Bengali, with
a stress on "sh". I have no idea how it is pronounced in

I still have no idea, however, what its use may be.
One hypothesis mentioned to me : a typographical character
that may be used with the name of a deceased person.

Any additional info welcome.

P. Andries
Dorval, Québec

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