URGENT: Unicode representation used on EDIFACT format (PAYEXT and DIRDEB)

From: bruno.chataigner@citicorp.com
Date: Tue Dec 21 1999 - 05:22:00 EST

I am currently looking for a way to populate Local Language characters -Asian
and Cyrillic characters- on formats like PAYEXT and DIRDEB (EDIFACT). This
approach should not be specific to the Asian languages and languages using
Cyrillic characters. It should be generic enough to cover all languages used on
earth. The Unicode is one of the key point to approach it. Our correspondent
platforms support UTF-2 and/or UTF-8. I would like to know if somebody went/is
going across the same experience or a similar one even if other Unicode
representations are involved.

Best Regards,
Bruno Chataigner

Business Analyst PAY/REC

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