RE: Latin ligatures and Unicode

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Dec 28 1999 - 19:30:07 EST


> In the cases when these differences become significant, there should be a
> way to encode them in plain text...

You keep reasserting this, without really addressing Mark's questions
regarding balancing the community of use versus the mechanisms needed
for conveying these significant differences.

> if some general solutions like a ligator
> mechanism are not found, people will keep on asking new ligatures or
> variants for ever -- because they need them, not because they are are all
> dummies.

And this misses the points that both Mark and John Jenkins have been
making. Simply because there is a need for control of representation
of ligatures in rendered text does not imply that encoding a ZWL or
ZWNL (or both) *as* a character is required to do so.

People can ask for new ligatures and variants. If they ask them of
the appropriate vendors -- the developers of fonts, particularly those
using the technology Mark and John are talking about -- then there
is a reasonable chance they will get what they are asking for. If,
however, they besiege character encoding committees asking for ligatures
and variants to be encoded *as* characters, then they won't.


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