Re: Latin ligatures and Unicode

Date: Thu Dec 30 1999 - 00:57:46 EST

       AF>or is it more typical that each ligature is it's own little
       style run.

       I wouldn't necessarily expect each ligature to have its own
       (i.e. individual) style run. In general, it's more likely that
       the font vendor has created the font to support varying levels
       of ligatures, and the user specifies a particular level of
       ligation for an entire paragraph or larger run of text,
       possible the entire document. So rather than


       you'd have something like

       <normal font=... ligation_level=1... >
       <body style=normal>... influence ... </body>

       Of course, in a case of non-predictable, obligatory, semantic
       ligation (e.g. "wachstube" on the assumption it is all three of
       these in Fraktur - I don't recall having yet heard from anyone
       if it's obligatory, and it seems there's some recent discussion
       as to whether it might be predictable), use of document-wide
       defaults ligation settings isn't adequate, and in that case
       some ligatures would require their own style runs to either
       enable or disable ligation.

       But, it would not normally be the case that each ligature has
       its own style run.


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