Re: Latin Ligatures and Unicode

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       I agree; we should join these two threads back on the public
       list. Your posting would be a good addition to that, so you
       might repeat it.

       Mark wrote:

> ME>> In the paper I am preparing right now I have two
> > texts printed 20 years apart, in the same font, but
> different uses of > different ligatures, both within
       the same
> text and between the two texts. > These aren't
> ligatures, but they are certainly unpredictable and >
       we really
> need a solid mechanism to handle them.
> KW>It seems to me that this is the kind of example
> *undermines* the case for a ZWL, and strengthens the
       case for
> using markup for this kind of thing.
> I'd agree with Ken here. I've suggested three
> necessary conditions for characters that control
       ligation in
> plain text:
> 1) that there are cases where ligation determines a
> semantic distinction
> 2) that these cases involve ligatures that are not
> by context
> 3) that these cases involve ligatures that are not
> within the given writing system
> It sounds like the example Michael mentions meets only
> second of these conditions.
> (By the way, is there a reason why there is a
       sub-thread on
> this topic that's happening on the unicore list rather
        than on
> the unicode list, where most of the discussion on this
        topic is
> taking place?)
> Peter

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