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From: Christopher John Fynn (
Date: Sun Jan 02 2000 - 10:29:01 EST

>Bill Mallon wrote:

> Mark-
> I hope this question isn't too trivial for you. I write material about
> the Olympics and for the International Olympic Committee and have been
> hampered by lack of support in ASCII for many of the foreign
> diacriticals.

> Unicode is a perfect solution. I do have Microsoft Word
> 2000 and Visual FoxPro 6.0 which is how I input most of the data.

IMO the Arial Unicode font is overkill for most applications except as a
font of last
resort - and the sheer size of that font (and consequent memory
make it impractical for most purposes.

The *latest* (2.76) versions of Microsoft's Times New Roman and Arial have
fairly good coverage of Latin script + Cyrillic, basic Greek & basic Arabic
including glyphs for all the Roman diacritics in the Latin 1 and Latin
Extended A
blocks and quite a few from the Latin Extended B and Latin Extended
blocks. You may find these fonts may have a glyph set sufficient for your


> Is there any shorthand way to insert a Unicode character in those programs
> short of going into Insert->Symbol, and choosing the appropriate
> Unicode?

You can easily write VBA macros to insert Unicode characters in these
applications and then assign the macros to convenient keystrokes.
Another solution is to use a utility like Bjondi Character Agent
or a keyboard manager for Windows like Tavultesoft's Keyman

- Chris

> Thank you for your time.

> Bill Mallon

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