Mongolian (was RE: Syriac and Mongolian joining behavior)

Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 12:57:56 EST

Kenneth Whistler wrote:
>Unfortunately, the shaping information for Mongolian will *not*
>appear in the text of Unicode 3.0 [trim]

Then, I'll try to obtain some anticipations from the list:

1) Can Unicode Mongolian go with the same two joining categories defined for
Arabic ("right-linking" and "dual-linking")?

2) Compared to Arabic, Mongolian seems to lack some "final" forms and all
"isolate" forms (cmp. one of the pages on Gregg Reynolds' site: I
guess that these do not occur in actual texts, but how are they to be
handled in ill-formed texts?

3) What would be the reaction of Mongolian users if their script is
displayed in horizontal form (left-to-right)? Would it be seen as an
acceptable "minimal readable" solution or just as a blunder?

_ Marco

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