Re: Software support for upper planes?

From: John Jenkins (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 12:00:15 EST

on 1/3/00 4:16 PM, Doug Schiffer at wrote:

> Are there any platforms out there that currently support planes 1 or 2?
> Also, are there any font file formats that are aware of upper planes
> (i.e.; use more than 16 bits for the character codepoints)?
> I ask because it looks like extension B Unihan characters might be
> defined soon, and I have an application that could use them....

It's possible to support them (for display purposes) on the Mac OS using
surrogates and treating them as ligatures. We're currently working on
extending this to allow direct support for surrogate pairs (in UTF-16) in

Windows 2000 allows one to access planes 1 and 2 using UTF-32.

John H. Jenkins

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