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Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 16:59:07 EST

At 15:33 -0500 2000/01/03, Robert A. Rosenberg wrote:
>At 11:18 PM 01/01/2000 -0800, Edward Cherlin wrote:
>>Have you activated the International keyboard that comes with
>>Windows? It provides for typing letters with six diacritics (acute,
>>grave, circumflex, dieresis, tilde, ring). Look in the Keyboard
>>control panel.
>Where is the dead-key to type before the letter defined. Even though
>I switch to the
>US-INTERNATIONAL keyboard CHARMAP still is listing the ALT+xxxx
>codes not the two Key Combo.

In Word 97, the information you want is accessed via the
Tools:Customize menu command. There is a button labeled "Keyboard..."
which opens a dialog box called "Customize Keyboard". At the bottom
of the Categories scroll list is the item "Common Symbols". When the
U.S. International keyboard is selected, this list shows the key
combinations for all supported accents and ligatures.

I have not used Word 2000, so I don't know whether it has this
information in the same place.

>I'm a Mac Type

Me, too, since the Lisa.

>and used to getting via Option-' + e not ALT+0233 [from
>keypad)(other acutes are Option-' and the letter while other
>Option-keys get the other accents or in the case of
>Option-c ). I know that Windows is supposed to have a similar
>two-key method but all I can find is the ALT method - I'd rather
>learn the Windows dead keys so I can still touch type like I do on
>my Mac at home.c an

Here are the key combinations you are looking for:

Acute Control-'
Grave Control-`
Circumflex Control-^ (Control-Shift-6)
Tilde Control-~ (Control-Shift-`)
Dieresis (Umlaut) Control-: (Control-Shift-;)

Slash-O Control-/ O
Ring-a Control-@ a (Control-Shift-2, a)
ae ligature Control-& a
oe ligature Control-& o
German Sharp S Control-& s
c-cedilla Control-, c
letter eth Control-' d
letter thorn Not defined; create your own key combination

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