Re: Unicode and Word

From: Robert A. Rosenberg (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 15:33:56 EST

At 11:18 PM 01/01/2000 -0800, Edward Cherlin wrote:
>Have you activated the International keyboard that comes with Windows? It
>provides for typing letters with six diacritics (acute, grave, circumflex,
>dieresis, tilde, ring). Look in the Keyboard control panel.

Where is the dead-key to type before the letter defined. Even though I
switch to the
US-INTERNATIONAL keyboard CHARMAP still is listing the ALT+xxxx codes not
the two Key Combo. I'm a Mac Type and used to getting via Option-' + e
not ALT+0233 [from keypad)(other acutes are Option-' and the letter while
other Option-keys get the other accents or in the case of
Option-c ). I know that Windows is supposed to have a similar two-key
method but all I can find is the ALT method - I'd rather learn the Windows
dead keys so I can still touch type like I do on my Mac at home.

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