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> As Edward Cherlin indicated, it's really necessary to know more
> details about what's needed. Keyboards provided with Windows
> may have the necessary characters, though (not knowing what
> languages he is working with) Bill might need to switch
> frequently among many.
> EC>Have you activated the International keyboard that comes
> with
> Windows? It provides for typing letters with six diacritics
> (acute, grave, circumflex, dieresis, tilde, ring). Look in the
> Keyboard control panel.
> Edward: I'm not familiar with "the International keyboard". Do
> you mean activating "multilingual support", which allows
> support for multiple keyboard layouts?

Yes, that's the starting point. After you activate multilingual
support, you can go into the Keyboard Control Panel to select your
languages and keyboards. The full name of the keyboard I was
referring to is

"United States-International".

It can replace "United States-101" in Windows 95, and whatever the
default U.S. keyboard is called in Win98 and NT. Under NT you can
assign more than one keyboard to a language. I sometimes switch
between United States-Dvorak and United States-International (or
Canadian English-International), and wish I had United

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