Re: How can I publish a multi-lingual Access 2000 database on the

From: Christopher John Fynn (
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 18:22:21 EST

From: Chris Pratley wrote:

+AD4- Alan, do you think you could point me to the page that said Access can
+AD4- use one font? This is incorrect. There is a setting Tools/Options/View,
+AD4- Dual fonts support. Check the box for +ACI-Use substitution font+ACI-. This font
+AD4- will be used when the primary font cannot support the glyph. I usually
+AD4- Arial Unicode MS in here. It is only used when the sheet font can't
+AD4- the primary font, so it is not used much.

+AD4- Chris Pratley
+AD4- Microsoft Office Program Manager


It would be nice to see this extended so that specific fonts could be used
for characters from different Unicode blocks
- and even to have a class of text field which allowed some kind of language
tagging with the font used for display and the sorting rules based on the

- Chris Fynn

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