RE: Unicode Cyrillic GHE DE PE TE in Serbian

From: Janko Stamenovic (
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 05:16:28 EST

> Returning to this Serbian font issue, it seems that the font designer
> has simply copied the outlines for latin letters m and n for italic
> small Cyrillic t and small Cyrillic p, causing the ambiguity. The
> outlines for those two Serbian glyphs in the Serbian font should be
> slightly altered, so that a sequence of Latin m immediately followed
> by small Cyrillic t can be distinguished, at least if looking closer
> to the text.

No, if Serbian font would exist, it should not have Cyrillic italic 't'
looking like latin 'm'.

Unfortunately I'm not a font designer to give you the best design, but from
what I know there are books printed in pre-computer era which did it
elegantly. I will scan this once I hope.

I wish to thank all participants in this discussion, a lot of things became
much more clear to me.

Is there anybody here present who can give me any information about when
these issues which you consider advanced rendering are going to be

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