RE: Unicode Cyrillic GHE DE PE TE in Serbian

Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 11:07:33 EST

But maybe the image is not so big after all: let me try.

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> I don't know how much value this can add to the discussion, and whose mill
> this brings grist to, but I made a little enquiry with the fonts installed
> on my PC to see what style of Cyrillic ge, de, pe and te they use.
> The result is that the "Serbian" style is by far the most common (a 2 to 1
> score, in this limited set of fonts):
> "Russian" style, 5 fonts:
> avec-serifs: 3 (Bookman Old Style, Garamond, Times New Roman)
> sans-serifs: 2 (Arial (but note: PE is not n-like!); Arial Narrow)
> "Serbian" style, 10 fonts:
> avec-serifs: 3 (Bitstream Cyberbit; Code2000; Courier New)
> sans-serifs: 5 (Arial Black; Impact; Lucida Sans Unicode; Tahoma;
> Verdana)
> other styles: 2 (Comic Sans MS; Lucida Console)
> (I wrote the string "gdpt", in italic Cyrillic, in Microsoft Word 97 using
> different fonts and the language attributes. The language attribute,
> Serbian or Russian, had no effect on the shape of the letters; maybe this
> would be different on, say, Office 2000)
> As a personal opinion, I don't like the careless implementation of
> Cyrillic in the Arial family of fonts. Even sticking to Russian, it seems
> to me that the "Serbian" style is more in the look-and-feel of sans-serifs
> fonts. In fact, sans-serifs traditionally don't have a special italic
> style, the italic attribute being just represented by slanting the
> letters.
> Moreover, a font that uses an "m-like" TE should also use an "alpha-like"
> A. Arial and Arial Narrow made the horrible choice of using the "regular"
> style for some letters (e.g. "a") and the "italic" style for others (e.g.
> "t"). Moreover, the 3 Arial versions I have (regular, Narrow and Black)
> made different choices with regards to Cyrillic italics, making it a
> problem to use them together.
> Ciao.
> Marco
> P.S.: I wanted to send a bitmap of the Word document, but it exceeds
> mailing list's size limit. Should anyone be interested, I can send it
> privately.


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