Re: Unicode Cyrillic GHE DE PE TE in Serbian

From: Franko Luin (
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 12:23:27 EST skribis:

>> P.S.: I wanted to send a bitmap of the Word document, but it exceeds
>> mailing list's size limit. Should anyone be interested, I can send it
>> privately.

Your bitmap shows real italics in what you call "Russian-like" (Bookman
Oldstyle, Garamond, Times Roman), and oblique forms in "Serbian-like". You
have the same differences in Latin typefaces, with, e.g. Baskerville with
real italics and Helvetica with obliques.

In Belgrade I once saw a sign over a shop saying "gekop". I couldn't
understand its meaning till I managed to transcode it into Latin
characters:"dekor". That's the kind of problem Janko Stamenovic is
discussing, the same character acquiring different shapes according to how
it is used. The whole discussion has nothing to do with Unicode, it's a
question of typeface design, as already mentioned by someone. And it has
nothing to do with regional or linguistic differences.

Franko Luin,
typeface designer, Latin fonts only


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