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Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 12:11:10 EST

"Reynolds, Gregg" wrote:

> - A tranlation of one of Dickens' novels: text LTR, running headers
> RTL katakana (stoopidly, I didn't buy it on the spot, thinking I would
> return later to pick it up, and never got around to it.)
> - Signage at temples and shrines. Usually a single line of only a
> few kanji; reads RTL, but should be construed as a sequence of columns one
> kanji deep, according to my native-speaker companion
I think these two cases are both open to the sequence-of-columns-one-character
deep interpretation.
> - An Arabic phrase book, which uses interlinear katakana
> transliteration, RTL so as to mirror the RTL Arabic. This one I bought, so
> when I get around to it I'll put a snippet up on my website.

This is probably a real exception. Similarly, sheet music for Hebrew
songs writes each syllable RTL per usual Hebrew rules, but between syllables
the flow is LTR, as that is the norm for (Western) musical notation.
> So I'd say for Japanese at least neutral would be accurate.

No, I think it is LTR with a possible exception, for which RLO is


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