Re: Mongolian (was RE: Syriac and Mongolian joining behavior)

From: Mark E. Davis (
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 12:11:22 EST

While it is possible to write CJK from right to left when horizontal, the predominent
direction is LR. The BIDI controls can be used to change this, if desired. (See
UTR#9). We decided originally not to make the bidi properties Neutral because they
then behave in rather odd ways when mixed with Arabic or Hebrew. For example, someone
deletes a character, putting a Hebrew character next to a kanji sequence, and all of a
sudden the kanji sequence reverses.


John Cowan wrote:

> wrote:
> > And, as I am at it, also CJK ideographs and Japanese kana are sometimes seen
> > printed as horizontal RTL (see the titles in any Japanese or Taiwanese
> > newspaper). So why they too are in bidi class "L", rather being neutral?
> I think what you are describing is a vertical presentation, with columns of height
> one ideograph. In vertical presentation of CJK, the successive columns are
> read RTL.
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