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Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 17:40:58 EST

You need to install the IME (Input Method Editor) for Korean, and type using
that (use the IE5 Korean IME or the one in the Office 2000 Proofing Tools
Kit). The visual keyboard simply shows the layout, and is not an IME so it
does not combine the Jamos into Hangul by itself.

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Chris Pratley <> writes:
> You can also install the Visual Keyboard to help with this. In Word2000,
> to Help/Office on the Web, then go to downloads, and get the Visual
> Keyboard. This works on all systems that have Windows Installer already on
> the machine (any Windows with Office2000, Windows2000, or third party
> programs that use latest InstallShield). Once installed, call up the
> keyboard and then experiment holding down keys like AltGr to see what the
> keyboard looks like. This works similarly to the Keycaps utility in MacOS
> you have used that.

Hey, that's pretty cool!

But a stupid question: I installed the Korean keyboard, and used to
copy characters to Word. But I didn't get Hangūl blocks, but all
characters just came after each other, just like a Latin or Cyrillic
script. Isn't something trivial I've missed?

Erland Sommarskog, Stockholm,

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