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Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 21:02:55 EST

You can also install the Visual Keyboard to help with this. In Word2000, go
to Help/Office on the Web, then go to downloads, and get the Visual
Keyboard. This works on all systems that have Windows Installer already on
the machine (any Windows with Office2000, Windows2000, or third party
programs that use latest InstallShield). Once installed, call up the
keyboard and then experiment holding down keys like AltGr to see what the
keyboard looks like. This works similarly to the Keycaps utility in MacOS if
you have used that.

Chris Pratley
Microsoft Office Program Manager

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> Correction: right-Alt + w gives a ring. Other characters are
> also available using right-Alt (AltGr).

Umm, yes. Notoriously I cannot tell left from right.

> For details, go to
> and select from the table of
> contents in the left hand frame Books / Developing Internation
> Software for Windows 95 and Windows NT / Appendix Q:
> International Keyboard Layouts / United States?International.

Thanks. I had to find out the assignments by trial and error. Some are
intuitive, some (e.g. AltGr + w) are not.


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