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From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 19:54:56 EST

John Cowan asked:

> Kenneth Whistler wrote:
> > (With the associated inverse layout of tables and of overall
> > book structure from that established in Europe.)
> Hmm. Does this mean that tables are laid out using columns where
> Westerners would use rows, and vice versa? Or do you simply mean
> that the most important columns are to the right?

        Index in Columns

Item1 number | Item4 number
Item2 number | Item5 number
Item3 number | Item6 number

(Vertical TTB columns of horizontal LTR lines)

t t t
e e e
m m m
3 2 1
n n n n
u n n d
m n n e
b b b x
e e e
r r r i
_______ n

t t t o
e e e w
m m m s
6 5 4

n n n
u n n
m n n
b b b
e e e
r r r

(Horizontal RTL rows of vertical TTB lines)

Same general principles apply to various kinds of table layout.


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