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Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 11:59:54 EST

on 1/12/00 8:00 AM, John Cowan at wrote:

> Christopher John Fynn wrote:
>> Interestingly early Roman writing was boustrophedon, the directionality
>> of the lines alternating L2R then R2L, like a snake. When the lines were
>> R2L the letters also faced to the left.
> Yes, that brings up a good point. When scripts like Etruscan get into the
> UCS, should their letters be given the mirrored property, so than when
> they appear in the non-standard direction (LTR, presumably, since
> Etruscan was typically RTL) they get reversed?

Etruscan will probably be encoded as LTR letters. By the end of the
script's life, that was the predominant direction and it was always a valid
choice. The standard may further specify that the letters should reverse
shape when written RTL, however.

John H. Jenkins

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