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Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 12:06:31 EST

Allow me a naïve question: what is the purpose of encoding characters(maybe)
found in *one* single written(maybe) document?

A puzzled Marco

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on 1/12/00 6:04 AM, Michael Everson at wrote:

> Ar 13:13 +0000 2000-01-12, scríobh
>> On the Phaistos Disk the text(probably) runs in a spiral from outside to
>> inside(probably); it is the only document we have of this script (no one
>> dare propose it for encoding, I hope...).
> You will hardly be surprised to read

I independently proposed it for encoding in Unicode; see Its current UTC
status is "not accepted," which means it's dang unlikely ever to make it in.

John H. Jenkins

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