RE: Unicode Cyrillic GHE DE PE TE in Serbian

From: John Hudson (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 15:12:41 EST

At 10:19 AM 12-01-00 -0800, Janko Stamenovic wrote:

>I would rather look it this way: who
>will get the best part of the market once the sanctions are lifted? And they
>must be lifted once, U.S. can't keep 10 million of the people under the mat

Well, they've kept 22.5 million Iraqis 'under the mat' for ten years now,
and how long has the US embargo on Cuba been in effect?

Personally, it would take a lot more than US or even UN sanctions to
prevent me from supporting Serbian in my Cyrillic fonts, but then I'm a
Canadian and Americans have to come up here to buy their Cuban cigars.

John Hudson

Tiro Typeworks
Vancouver, BC

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