Re: Etruscan was Re: Japanese RTL

From: Robert Brady (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 09:38:21 EST

On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, Michael Everson wrote:

> That's correct, and the Directional Override characters are to be used when
> RTL presentation is required. Etruscan glyphs DO reverse themselves when
> the directionality changes; does this make them mirroring like various
> brackets and so on? I suppose it does. Does this change the properties they
> must have?
> I don't know. Lewis Carroll printed a poem backwards which Alice had to
> hold up to the looking-glass in order to read. Does that mean Latin has to
> have this mirroring property too?

Latin is very rarely written right to left at all (almost never, except
for those cases where it is done specifically as a graphic device. In
these cases, whether to mirror letters or not is a per-fragment property.)

On the other hand, Estruscan is often written right to left, and when it
does, the glyphs _always_ reverse.

Therefore, on that basis I'd say the mirror property is certainly
appropriate for Etruscan but probably not appropriate for Latin, and just
because a partial case can be made for Latin having that property
doesn't mean Etruscan shouldn't get it.


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