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Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 15:14:33 EST

Michael Everson said:

> Ar 22:08 -0800 2000-01-12, scríobh Curtis Clark:
> >At 08:50 AM 00.01.12 -0800, John Jenkins wrote:
> >It is my understanding that scholars prefer LTR to fit in with Latin text.
> >The glyphs are more easily recognizable to those familiar with the Latin
> >alphabet when they are in their LTR orientation.
> That's correct, and the Directional Override characters are to be used when
> RTL presentation is required. Etruscan glyphs DO reverse themselves when
> the directionality changes; does this make them mirroring like various
> brackets and so on? I suppose it does. Does this change the properties they
> must have?
> I don't know. Lewis Carroll printed a poem backwards which Alice had to
> hold up to the looking-glass in order to read. Does that mean Latin has to
> have this mirroring property too?
> No, I should think. The brackets have the property because they are
> commonly used in both LTR and RTL scripts. But I am not sure how to specify

Some Latin texts have individual mirrored characters, especially when the
character is an abbreviation for a name. I would agree though that should
not have the mirrored property. (Texts written RTL seem more common to me
than mirrored ones, but that may reflect the relative ease of doing them
with traditional printing.)

Your Egyptian proposal contained a control to mirror a single character.
Surely this is more widely applicable.


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