RE: Conversion of DBCS / MBCS characters to UTF8

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Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 13:31:33 EST

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> Subject: I need some support.

> requires conversion
> of DBCS / MBCS characters to UTF8 and vice versa. Basically, it is
> Windows/NT environment. ... Win32 based code specifically. ...

>If you can suggest a platform
> independent solution
> then it will be better.

Triangulate through Unicode (these are Win32 methods):

Convert DBCS/MBCS to Unicode with MultiByteToWideChar.
Convert Unicode to UTF-8 with WideCharToMultiByte. The codepage number for
UTF-8 is 65001.

Convert UTF-8 to Unicode with MultiByteToWideChar, then convert Unicode to
MBCS/DBCS with WideCharToMultiByte.

The appropriate NLS file for the MBCS/DBCS codepage must be installed on the

Win95 (not sure about Win98) does not support codepage 65001. To convert to
UTF-8 on Win9x, you can use IMultiLanguage or IMultiLanguage2 from MLANG.
Information on IMultiLanguage can be accessed through under the workshop category.
MLANG lets you set up conversions that do the triangulation in one step.

Also, Unicode <-> UTF-8 conversion source code is available on the Unicode
web site.
There are a number of platform-independent solutions. The latest Kermit lets
you do it. A search of the Unicode list archive will show a number of

--- Paul

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