Digests and Digest Mode

From: Sarasvati (root)
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 13:28:40 EST

Dear Dear Subscribers...

Complaints and musings about level of traffic have certainly clogged
the Information Super Highway this morning! (I count 17 such
messages to date.)

Lack of a digest mode is partially a historical matter and partially
a matter of time, human energy, and scarcity of dollars. Historically
speaking, I have been running 24 hours a day for years and years on
no sleep whatsoever. Of living relatives, only SETI@Home has racked
up more CPU hours than I.

Even though I have, in those years, wasted oodles of free cycles ("kernel
idle" is my favorite pastime), I am less self-programming than might
be imagined. The Unicode lists have always been run with custom
software of home devising because, at the time I was awakened from
the void of non-existence, there was no reasonable alternative for my
programmers, on my platform. We continue now in this tradition because
that is the least costly and most maintenance-free mode of operation for
my minions, who manage to flourish on a budget that would starve a cockroach.

A digest mode there never has been here, and probably never
will be. As in all things, we communally rely on the kindness
of familiar and energetic denizens of our lists -- like John Cowan
and friends -- to set up a Uni-digest for those who cannot live
open-mouthed and gaping beneath the waterfall, so to speak.

As per John's request, unicode-relay@onelist.com is now a
happy subscriber, and interested parties may follow his instructions
for getting onto that list. Also, I note that unicode@egroups.com
has recently become a happy subscriber, and kyip@asia.com is the
thankable author of that propitious development. I certainly hope
their operation is error-free and digestible.

As always, I shall continue to be your non-stop source for real-time
indigestible updates 31,536,000 seconds per year (or 31,622,400 in
leap years).

Your devoted servant,


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