RE: Unicodeless WAP?

From: Karlsson Kent - keka (
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 12:09:25 EST

Marion asked:
> Is East Asia ahead of the field ("appears to be" vs. "does already")?

I can only quote from

        For GSM, UCS2 was initially included as an
        alternative to the 7-bit GSM default alphabet, to
        allow the Short Message Service (SMS and Cell
        Broadcast) to offer Chinese language messaging
        in the rapidly expanding Far Eastern markets like
        Hong Kong and mainland China. This service has
        now been available for over a year in those

That was about SMS (short message service). WAP is only beginning to
reach the market. GPRS I believe is at least a year away from market,
but why should they suddenly abandon Unicode? I don't know if the
most modern phones use UCS-2 actively outside of EA (that is, if there
is service provider support for Unicode outside of EA) or not.
Hence my reservation.

        Kind regards
        /kent k

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