Re: Language Tagging And Unicode

From: Christopher John Fynn (
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 20:37:03 EST

John Hudson <> wrote:

> I don't think there is really much more to say, other than, perhaps, to
> discuss ways in which these two solutions might be evangelised to ensure
> the necessary support from font and application developers.

Yes. It surprises me how many people trying to develop applications which
display Unicode text don't understand the features and potential of this
kind of font technology. It is difficult support satisfactory display of
*many* of the languages and scripts encompassed by the UCS without using
OpenType or AAT fonts and their features (or something which effectively
accomplishes the same thing).

The distinction that is often made between "simple" and "complex" scripts
maybe misleading. Almost every script seems to become complex if you want to
try and satisfy all the regional and language specific requirements. IMO
avoiding complex script handling just because most users of an application
are expected to be using so-called simple scripts is short-sighted. Deal
with the most complex scripts as early as possible in the development of an
application and the rest should be a doddle. Deal with the simplest scripts
first and gradually add support for successively more complex scripts and
you will constantly be making major changes to your application.

- Chris

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