Re: The Cent & Florin Signs VS. C-Slash & Left-Tailed F

Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 22:12:50 EST

Hello again!!
You've read the message I sent about the cent sign vs. c-slash & the florin
sign vs. IAI f-left-tailed; unfortunately, the glyph assessed as the cent
sign at 162 [U00A2] actually looks like an Americanist L-C c-slash, which
should be within the Latin Extended subset. Similarly, the florin sign,
normally accessed within Windows with <ALT>[0131], has—unfortunately—been at
the position where the IAI left-tailed (bilabial) f should be, 402
[U0192]—although both glyphs really (& anciently) stand for different
characters with vastly different semantics!!
The proper cent sign is a raised-&-centered reduced size <c> with a (solid or
broken) vertical cross stroke—it's the character that should be at 162
[U00A2]! The c-slash pair (H-C & L-C) should move to positions 542 & 543
[U02AE - U02AF], because it's a phonic symbol in the Americanist tradition
for the affricate /ts/.
The florin sign is like a slanted integral symbol, only with a straight cross
stroke across, & it is a currency sign, by the way!! So, let's move it to
its more proper place in UniCode & WGL4—at position 8369 [U20B1], in the Curre
ncy Signs subset. That'll leave position 402 [U0192] ready for the
left-tailed f as used by the International African Institute for a bilabial
/f/ fricative! Those corrections CAN STILL BE DONE!!!! WE ALL HAVE GOTTA
LIVE TOGETHER—like the CBS-TV public service announcements say. Thank You!
God Bless!

Robert Lloyd Wheelock 63 Wilson ST Augusta, ME 04330-9473 USA

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